By  RKShooter

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Traduction Française

French Translation

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 Part 01

Rkshooter introduces
Mr strckem and his hot  collaborator : Milly .

 Part 02

mall scenes of the life at the office

Part 03

The boss wants really to know everything about his collaborators...
Part 04

A nice game with a camera...

Part 05

Milly entertains her friends... Mr Strokem is a lucky man...

Part 06

Impossible to resist to Milly's charms. Isn't it Mr. Strokem?

Part 07

Milly drunk  in Ben's house... Who will benefit from the situation?

Part 08

Milly is sleeping... but Lisa is waked up, and Ben is very horny....

Part 09

Everybody dreams from Milly... Especially Ben

Part 10

Milly abused by Ben? Susan seems to believe it.

Part 11

Susan is a well educated girl, she knows how to be forgave.

Part 12

during holidays, Milly miss Ben, but girls know how to play alone...

Part 13

A good massage session. Holidays are good for Milly.

Part 14

Grace is also interested by Ben.