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French Translation

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Part 15

Chris, Milly's new friend is a nice girl. Here is an hot threesome.

 Part 16

Lucky Ben... Milly is back.
He is happy, we are too.

Part 17

There is a  new hottie in the story...and she has a name.
Part 18

Another new interesting experiment for Ben..

Part 19

A very hot photo session in the new studio.

Part 20

When days are hot, girls are hot too.

Part 21

Mixie and lisa are playing with a very strange toy.

Part 22

Milly meets an old friend and starts a new experiment.

Part 23

For a good pool game, you have to be three....

Part 24

Milly begins her training program.
She is a gifted pupil

Part 25

Nice morning for Ben.
 What a lucky man !

Part 26

Milly learns very quickly... Ben has to be worried..

Part 27

It seems that Milly training starts to give results...

Part 28

Be cautious Ben,
Milly is falling
 in love...